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   A seventh excursions in Ogliastra with                          friends in Trentino

It 'was an exciting week, between the woods and the east coast from its innumerable colors, climbing the highest peak of Sardinia, Punta La Marmora to 1834 m. The many single track fun accompanied us every day, to finish with a nice return in boat from Cala Sisine to Santa Maria Navarrese. There were lunches and dinners in shelters and in the woods, all seasoned with the positivity that the Mountain Bike can unleash when it accompanies. Thank you.

Tour Ogliastra Mountain Sette Fradis

The Route
The Route

Tour of 380 km and 8200 m of altitude. The start was made from Arzana, a country of proviancia of Ogliastra. Our Bike have faced the imposing monolith of Prey Leana, the woods of Monte Arbu, Gennargentu Arzanese, Supramonte of Urzulei, the exciting descent into the single track to Cala Sisine Monte Ferru, the marina of Sarrala, the mining village of Baccu Locce, Rei, Cape Ferrato, Monte Pauli and many spectacular mule tracks to get to the foot of the Mountains seven brothers in a relaxing farm.

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The Great Ring of Ogliastra

Tour of 250 km in the beautiful province of  Ogliastra , from the Mountains to the sea on the east coast  riding our bikes we cycled from Arzana to the summit/top of Sardinia. Through the village of the  Nuraghi of Ruinas , the Forest of Girgini , to get to Punta La Marmora (1834 m) hidden in  mist but always fascinating . There have been long dirt  roads of Supramonte of Urzulei and Baunei and the wild bay of Cala Luna . Ten minutes by ferry to Cala Sisine and here we are waiting for a shower and a hot meal . The night under the stars was unique , as the ascent of the next day along the Grand Canyon of the codula Sisine until the Spanish church of San Pietro in Golgo . We ended the tour in Arzana , leaving behind Santa Maria Navarrese and gaining a drop equal to 6200 m above sea level.

It is an illusion that photos are taken with the camera .... you take them  with your eyes, with your heart, with your head. "


Henri Cartier- Bresson

Sardinia is a wonderful land , no doubt about it ! even more if you live on the saddle of a bike ..

          Keep ALWAYS WELL  laced /fastened THE HELMET ! !