Hi everyone,


I’m Michele Pinna, bicycle touring guide sport.     

The role of a guide is to accompany tourists and MTB enthusiasts throughout his o her own area. 


I decided to become a guide because I am MTB enthusiast and I am passionate about my area. 


I will share my passion, my experience and knowledge of the area with you ….I know this area because ,not only do I live here but I was also born and bred in Ogliastra.


My grandparents, who also lived here, taught my father to know, love and respect this area.

My father, in turn, has passed this passion on to me. 


….. Today I organize MTB tours and excursions in Sardinia and particularly in Ogliastra.


The county of Ogliastra is a vast beautiful area, which stretches from the sea to the highest mountains of the Gennargentu, from where spectacular scenery and all the island’s coastline can be seen. Some parts of this area are still unexplored even by Sardinians themselves.


During the excursions it is possible to run into a herd of beautiful Sardinian moufflons that live undisturbed in the Gennargentu - on request lunch in the sheep folds (small holdings) of Arzana’s Gennargentu can be added. ( for a small fee ) 


The most beautiful beaches of the Ogliastra and the entire island, such as Cea, Cala Luna, Cala Sisine, Lido di Orri’, Marina the Cardedu, Su Sirboni, il Golfetto….can be visited.


For those who like to ‘experience’ a total adventure, it is possible to camp near a sheep fold in the Gennargentu Mountains and spend the night there. In the morning, for those of you who have a strong stomach or head, you could be woken a nice glass of goat's milk straigh from the cow.


On the ‘itinerary’ page I have indicated – by way of example some – of the routes that I regularly take; please note: the degree of route difficulty is highlighted.


The combination of routes is/are endless and they are agreed at the time of booking; the routes are based on the ability, experience and skill level of the group.


Should you share my passion, do not hesitate to contact me.


Together we could have an exciting and thrilling experience either in MTB or simply trekking.


On the ‘Contact’ page you can find all my personal information.


  Good Biking Adventures 2024!!!!

Fortunate to live in an island: the good fortune to be able to ride in all seasons..

Arzana, the country where i live!

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Some photos of the places where I pedal!

Good rides!!!