Town hall of Arzana


Via Monsignor Virgilio, 55-08040 - Arzana



Arzana is located in the heart of Ogliastra, over vast territories stretching from the sea to the highest peaks of Gennargentu: from Punta La Marmora, the highest peak, you can admire the magnificent views that span the entire coast of the island. In the valleys of the Flumendosa there are age-old  woods such as "Tedderieddu" and "Holm Perreddu."

It is located at an altitude of 672 meters above sea level, which is only 26 km far.

The town is situated in a beautiful location on the ridge of the forest of Monte Idolo, exposed to the South, with its splendid panoramic position in the viewpoint of Bruncu Evane.

The municipal area of Arzana is one of the largest of Ogliastra and covers about 16,250 hectares.

The extension is greater around the town, situated halfway up Mount idol, until you reach the border with Desulo, at  northwest, with Villagrande at north, to the east by Elini and Tortoli, southeast with Ilbono, on the south by Lanusei and Gairo, and to the south and west by Seulo and Seui.

Other possessions consist of lands used almost entirely to pastures located in the area of Quirra, bordering Villaputzu.


The meaning of "Artana" would be "fog or cold breeze"; its nuragic origin is confirmed by the presence of various archaeological finds, including the complex "Ruinas", a mountain agricultural center  rich in forests that are home to wild sheep, grouse, hares, rabbits. Worthy of note are the monuments of stone,

as the Neolithic "Domus de Janas" in "Perdixi" and the many nuragic testimonies of "Unturgiadore", "Sa'e Cartocce" and "Sa Tanca".

The main activity is the weaving craft, typical food and wine products  are pecorino cheese, "culurgionis" and the oil produced in old mills.





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