Your Mountain Bike Tour will take place in Ogliastra, one of the eight provinces of the island of Sardinia. Located in the center-east of Sardinia, facing south and east of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has 23 municipalities, 60,000 inhabitants and is one of the least populated provinces of Italy. Until the eighties of the nineteenth century this area was not reached either by road or by rail. Today, the insulation is instead passed by the presence of a number of roads that provide links to the main regional centers of Cagliari and Olbia.

During your stay you will discover ancient traditions not only cultural, but culinary and gastronomic: feasting on roasted on a spit, the famous culurgiones, cheeses, desserts and wines. And speaking of our cheeses, it needs to know that the Ogliastra boasts as many animals goats of the island (50,000) and still has a production of fine cheeses and famous.

The Mountain Bike Tour will alternate between the mountains and the sea of ​​the east coast, where the 'blue and green will make you dream every time you close your eyes.

                                    Tour program:

The tour that we will face is divided into 3 easy steps average of about 170 km and 3800 m elevation gain. It not demands extra physical training, but training medium.

The first stage involves 45 km and 1500 vertical meters +. The start will be from Arzana, a mountain village of 2480 inhabitants to about 670 m above sea level. Everybody who wants to leave without haste can stay overnight in hotels, dine on local produce, including the famous culurgiones porcini mushrooms and fine meats and local wines. With a full belly pedaling definitely better! After a quiet start on asphalt, before continuing on the dirt roads to the big monolith called Preda Leana, the so-called "Navel of Sardinia". Cycling along a ridge of shale, have fun in a fast single track with breathtaking views. Leana reached Preda, will still be a single track to entertain us, we will also have the opportunity to choose different variations even more challenging. Down the mountain fast, we reach the village of Villanova Strisailis, after having cycled along and enjoying the lake high Flumendosa, the highest lake in Sardinia (800 meters from sea level dl), with its 6 km long and a capacity of 61 million cubic meters. The first stage will be completed in the cozy, traditional Hotel Il Nido dell'Aquila.


The second stage of the Tour is 58 km, the altitude difference is 1200 m +. After the departure of asphalt traffic safety, we will immerse ourselves in the silent and fragrant mountains in the countryside of Villagrande Strisailis. Once at the resort Cerbos Court, we will face the compact dirt of Fenarbu in the countryside of Talana. Our tour will continue in the beautiful scenery of the Supramonte of Urzulei through the expanses of Fennau, meeting the tombs of the giants of S'Arena, always accompanied by the striking view of Mount St. John of Orgosolo. This area is bounded by Flumineddu separating the two Supramonti and crosses the Gorroppu (the highest in Europe), to flow into the sea. Once in Campos Bargios admire the expanse of Campo Oddeu an unforgettable view! Once in Lampattu and passed in front of Monte Gruttas, we expect a few kilometers of asphalt to close the second stage, which will end Hotel Silana, a pearl in 5 Supramonti.


The third and last leg of 65 km with an elevation gain of 1100 m. Starting from 'Silana we can choose the variant dirt or continue on asphalt down to the dirt road for Cala Luna. We will ride on the dirt roads lined with age-old juniper trees, ancient folds, the so-called "Pinnettos", all built in juniper by the shepherds of old and still intact. A bifurcation almost hidden, make us change direction, introducendcoci in the path of s'IroveLongu. This scenic single track crosses the east coast up to Cala Sisine, another pearl of the sea Ogliastra. The ascent from the sea is 15 km long of which the first part along the bed of the river is called the codula of Sisine, and we will cross the highest canyon destination for many climbing enthusiasts. The second part of the ascent we will entertain on the dirt roads for cycling. Once you get to the plain of Golgo, we stop for a little bit in retreat Goloriztè and go visit the chasm deeper d 'Europe, less than 270 m, called on Sterru. We will continue our adventure towards the coastal town of Santa Maria Navarrese where it will end this fantastic three-day tour.


                           You can book already now:

                                              PEDALABLE TOUR ALL YEAR 


 € 770,00 for person  ( for a group of 2 people)

Return by boat near Cala Goloritzè in the gulf of  Orosei
Return by boat near Cala Goloritzè in the gulf of Orosei

                      Technical structure of the tour:

First Stage: Arzana-Villanova Strisaili

  • km 45
  • Vertical drop of +1500 m
  • 6 km of single track level s2 / s3
  • 20 km asphalt
  • 25 of dirt

Difficult variants chosen by the customer: 2

  • 47 km with a vertical drop of +1760 m
  • 58 km with a vertical drop of +2250 m


Second Stage: VillanovaStrisaili-Urzulei(Hotel Gorropu)

  • km 57
  • Vertical drop of +1200 m
  • 2 km of single track s3
  • 25 km of asphalt
  • 32 km of dirt road

Difficult variants chosen by the customer: 2

  • 47 km with a vertical drop of +1200 m
  • P.S. This variant is shorter than 10 km, but has a difficulty in the first 8 km, they are all uphill dirt road, with a gain of 500 vertical meters +. The slope is remarkable. Once at the top, but you will be satisfied.
  • 65 km
  • Vertical drop of +1840 m

Stage 3: Urzulei (Hotel Gorropu)-Santa Maria Navarrese

  • km 65
  • Vertical drop of +1100 m
  • 2.5 km trail
  • 4 km of single track s3
  • 23 km of asphalt
  • 42 km of dirt road

Difficult variants customer choice: 1

  • 73 km
  • Vertical drop of +1620 m
  • P.S. In this variant avoids almost all the asphalt.

What it is included in the registration fee of € 770.00

  • 2 nights in 3 star hotel in double / triple depending on the availability
  • Guide for the duration of the tour
  • 2 dinners
  • Baggage transport from hotel to hotel
  • Souvenir t-shirt 

What is not included in the registration fee:

  • The night of the day before the tour
  • optional excursions
  • the night of the last day of the tour
  • transfers from the ports, airports, stations
  • drinks outside or not included on the tour and dinner
  • anything not mentioned in the program



If you choose to arrive the day before:

  • Free day, hotel accommodation, bike check; dinner not included.

                                Material Required:

  • mandatory helmet
  • 2 tubes (there I will come too, specify diameter wheel)
  • derailleur hanger
  • I recommend an anti rain always in your backpack

                          E 'IMPORTANT TO KNOW:


 If you choose to arrive the day before the tour, you will be given indications on where to stay, it's the same for the last day of the tour. Or if you want, I can include in the package, up to you (in which case the price increase).


I chose the Hotel are excellent, the food is quality. The half board (breakfast and dinner abundant, dinners are based on natural products Sardis, and can be starters of salami and cheese, homemade pasta, mixed vegetables, meats like goat, boar, pig, Cannonau wine, sweet house).


But on occasions you would like the transfer service you will have to let me know how many people make up the group. It will be made a fast quote.



Discount for those who have already participated in excursions or tour with me.


I am at your disposal for any clarification, who is seriously interested and motivated can contact me. And 'advisable to book in advance to try to organize as soon as

possible all the reservations for this tour in Ogliastra.

           Some photos of the places you pass through:

The 'wild Ogliastra awaits..