In 2011 my great passion for the bike induced me to start a new job , to open a school of Mountain Bike.

Although I did not have a proper training camp , I'm lucky to live in Ogliastra , an area of Sardinia, which is wonderfully suitable for the practice of this sport and I took therefore an advantage for this purpose. Joined for a short time by a master coach 2nd level (FCI) I first proposed to the town council and then to the Primary School of my village, a detailed program of what the course of MTB would have been.  I almost could hardly believe it ! My project - called "Not only football " - was accepted with enthusiasm achieving much success. I had a large number ofenrolled, around forty , all very young , and I decided to organize courses by creating groups of six / seven elements and programming four hours classes per week per group. I was also pleasantly surprised that many adults also decided to attend the MTB , although initially only driven by curiosity to know the beneficial effects of the bike.

This year things are a little ' changed, not only because the young are grown, as well as they improved a lot , especially I have changed after attending the course MM First Level (FCI ), I realized that I need knowledge both on   theoretical and practical level in comparison with students , especially with young people with whom  I am in touch.

This year, classes are held in the new school of  MTB : the success has allowed me to have so many hectares of state-property forest available and then realize my plans to open a real MTB school .

But my main goal is to convey to my students passion and enthusiasm, because I am persuaded that the game remains the basis of everything ... and almost always a smile is better than a skid well done.



Me with one of my many groups
Me with one of my many groups

                      COURSES OF MOUNTAIN BIKE 2015                                 


From March 2015 the new Mountain Bike courses will take place.


They are for:

• all those who have never had the chance to learn to ride a bike

• those who already know how to ride and want to improve their coordination skills , in particular the balance

• those who simply want to ride in the woods

• those who want to improve their fitness


Classes will take place in  the morning and in the afternoon , twice a week . Each lesson will last two hours.

We also carry out personalized lessons .

The courses are addressed to children and adults of all ages , from 4 and a half years and over.


Material required :

• your  Mountain Bike

• Helmet

• goggles/glasses Cycling

• Gloves

• Medical sport certificate


The School is located in Arzana nearby Carmine Park, along the State Road 389 Lanusei - Nuoro , opposite the café  La Stazione .




                        Short discussion on Off-road Cycling


The Cycling off-road  includes the following disciplines: BMX , mountain biking , cyclo-cross and the Trial . These disciplines in turn provide various specialties.





BMX (Bicycle Motor Cross) is an acronym of U.S. origin which in summary encompasses the true origin of this discipline , born just as recreational activities for boys practiced on the  motocross tracks . In fact, in America in the late '70s, some fans began to organize motocross , for young people , fun bike races on the same course of their bikes . In Europe it  occurred , although with some delay , a large development of this discipline : first in Holland and later in France, which, today, is one of the leading nations of the specialty. In Italy, in 1986 , there were crowds of practitioners who devoted themselves almost exclusively to the type of BMX racing . That year in Riccione took place  the first edition  of World Championship .


The BMX can be practiced by males and females, from the age of 7 years. For each year of birth there is a category of their own . It’s  important to note that there are two types of bicycle for practicing Bmx that differ substantially , not so much in the general structure , as in the measurements : the first type with wheels of a diameter of 20 inches has a smaller frame than with wheels 24-inch diameter is defined as " Cruiser" .


The bikes with smaller wheels , those with a diameter of 20 inches, are used in all of the categories of BMX racing itself, the runners in these races are called " Rider" . The " Cruiser" instead are runners whose race category are characterized by the use of bicycles with wheels larger than 24 inches.





The Mountain Biking is a very young sport , the first official World took place  in 1990 in Colorado, however, has had a very rapid development , both from the point of view  recreational amateur , both as a sport of high competition: the specialty Cross Country was introduced in the official program of the Olympic Games in 1996. The Mountain Biking competitive consists mainly of two specialties :

Cross Country (XC or long-distance) and Downhill (DH or descent). In later years it was also introduced Slalom (SL) , mainly practiced by the best specialists of the descent and BMX . Currently, the regulation provides for a new international specialty , 4X (four cross ) .


The Cross Country is one of the most hard cycling specialties , especially for the kind of engagement it requires. The length of the race , frequently more than two hours , can be considered in many respects exhausting. The height variations due to path variables and surface conditions , as well as technical- tactical needs, force them to  engagements  not always constant.



The Cycle-cross is, among the specialties of the Cycling off-Road , certainly the most dated since its origins as a sport dates back to the early days of cycling.


Often specialists in road cycling have practiced and still practice this discipline , during the winter training , to stimulate aerobic capacity and driving skills to complete their preparation . Following the development of Mountain Biking , however, many specialists Cycle-cross have found in the Cross Country great affinity with their specialty.


In fact, the two competitions , including both being from Cycling Terrain/off-road , have many technical aspects that can be considered common or at least similar to each other to the point that many athletes have achieved excellent results in both specialties .


The  agonistic activity of cycle-cross can be made from the category of the newcomers/debutants of 2nd year for which it is established that the duration of the race is 30 minutes.





The Trial and Bike-Trial are specialties of off road Cycling  that involve the use of specific bicycles. With them the  athlete must overcome these sections of the course , called " areas  not stop" , which present natural obstacles - or artificial , resting , the fewer times the foot on the ground , to get less penalties possible .

Obviously, to practice these specialties it requires great balance and excellent driving skills , as well as a remarkable ability to concentration and determination useful to overcome the most binding steps that the path presents itself. Strength and speed are essential in particular , are key factors in the evolution driving techniques and jumps from one point to the next.


The Trial bicycles are characterized by 20-inch wheels , without  speed change and often also of the saddle and have a low frame and elongated , with some specific components for this specialty, for example : the bumper to protect the central movement .

In Bike-trial they use  bicycles that , except for some details, are the Mountain Bike: 26 inch wheels , front and rear derailleurs standard type .


The activity of the Competitive Bike-trial is regulated by the FCI , there are three categories: Youth , Open and Top .

The Youth  ranging from 7 to 16 years and is divided into young ( 7-12) , Beginners (all) and Junior ( under 16 years).


The Open category must be aged 17 years and older: includes students aged 17, Under 23 and Elite . The category Top is available to all competitors aged 17 years and over who request them .



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