First timers where Crossing Ogliastra by mountain bike

                                   Tour Program:

The Ogliastra is a paid tour in itinerant and challenging Mountain Bike that runs through the Ogliastra province. Starting from the point further north, exactly Genna Silana, we get up to 'extreme southeast, in the territory of Tertenia.

This evocative journey is divided into 4 stages, the total distance is 270, while the elevation gain is 7,200 m. The first day of the tour will depart from 'Hotel Silana in Urzulei. 54 km tackle well in the two dell'Ogliastra Supramonti, Urzulei and Baunei. The height difference is not excessive, about 1400 m +. These areas are characterized by a karst system, which over time have developed deep chasms and gorges more than 250 m deep. I am very rugged areas, with a vegetation of junipers that grow intertwined also in rocks overlooking the sea. The route is almost all pedaled, even if the bottom is at times uneven. We come to the beach of Cala Sisine, thanks to a fun trail and a single S3 level track. From the beach then lie ahead about 15 km at the first stopping place for the night, the shelter Goloritzè in the plain of Golgo. After a relaxing shower, we will taste a typical dinner of local appetizers, maloreddus and roast suckling pig.

The next morning, after a typical breakfast of bread cheese and honey, leaving for Arzana, mountain village of 2400 inhabitants. It will be a beautiful stage of 72 km, it pedaled to 100% with a vertical drop of 1800 m +. This stage will cross the villages of Talana and Villanova Strisailis. The two highest peaks of the whole tour to conquer in this stage, Monte Olinie (1370m) and Monte Idolo (1230m). From these heights we can admire the Ogliastra province in all its glory. From Monte Idolo we decide whether to get Arzana following a single s3 level track or cycling an easy dirt road. Once in Arzana be staying at 'Hotel Murru.

The next day, we will leave the town of Arzana to reach the village of Ulassai, deep in the majestic limestone heels. The flagship of the stage is Preda Leana, also called navel of Sardinia, a giant monolith that is one of the most striking symbols of Ogliastra. A spectacular single track and then up a flight of stairs where you will push your bike, we will arrive at his feet. Prey Leana route will wind along 2 single track between which you can choose the level of difficulty, s2 / s3. In this stage we will visit several nuraghi, among which the most important is bigger, the Serbissi nuraghe. With the more adventurous we can cross the cave of 200 m which passes right under the dolmen, used in antiquity as a refuge and as a warehouse for supplies of food. After all these beauties, we will arrive at the town of Ulassai, where the Hotel Su Marmuri relaxation will be complete.

The fourth and final stage, ending in Sarrala coast, in the territory of Tertenia. Will be 75 km of emotions in Sardinia, the longest stage of the tour will introduce you to the land of Perdas de Fogu, or "fire stones". The reference is to the limestone rocks used for lime kilns. It 'a challenging stage, there will be several sections where you push the bike to reach a long ridge overlooking the east coast. I assure you that it is worth it, the views are beautiful, once you get to the old port Santoru, you will be thrilled to have the path 'unique OgliastraCrossing.



                          You can book already now:

                                             From April 2023-November 2023

                                                       you can decide the dates!


                           € 1.190.00 per person (price for a group of 2 persons)

 The price varies according to the number of participants

View of the east coast near Baunei.
View of the east coast near Baunei.

                     STRUCTURE TECHNICAL TOUR:

Photo OgliastraCrossing
Photo OgliastraCrossing

Stage 1: Genna Silana-Baunei (Golgo)

  • Km 54
  • Difference 1400m+
  • 2,5 km di Muletrack
  • 4 km di singletrack s3


Stage 2: Baunei (Golgo) -Arzana

  • Km 72
  • Difference 1900m+
  • 2 km di single track s3

Stage 3: Arzana-Ulassai

  • Km 57
  • Difference 2100 m+
  • 4 km di single track s2/s3

Stage 4: Ulassai-Tertenia (Marina di Sarrala)

  • Km 75
  • Difference di 1800 m+
  • Challenging stage in the first 40 km
  • Cart tracks with uneven surface, reduced visibility because of the forest
  • unique emotions

What it is included in the registration fee of € 1.190,00

  • 4 Nights in 3 star hotels based on double occupancy
  • Guide for the duration of the tour
  • 4 dinners
  • With accompanying car for luggage transport driver that you will find at the hotel at the end of stage
  • Packed lunch (sandwich + fruit)
  • T-shirt
  • Insurance

What is not included in the registration fee:

  • Optional excursions
  • Overnight the day before the tour
  • The night of the last day of the tour
  • Transfers from the ports, airports, stations
  • Drinks outside or not included on the tour and dinner
  • Anything not mentioned in the program


                                  Structures to stay:

Michele Pinna van for luggage transport
Michele Pinna van for luggage transport

                                  Required material:

  • Helmet required
  • 2 air chambers (there you will come too, specify wheel diameter)
  • Media exchange
  • I suggest an anti rain always in the backpack

                            E 'IMPORTANT TO KNOW:


As for the last day of the tour, will be given of info on where to stay, or if you want, I can include the overnight stay in the package, the choice is yours (in which case the price would increase).


Hotels that I have chosen are excellent, the food is quality. The half board (breakfast and plentiful dinner, dinners are made with genuine products Sardis, and can be starters of salami and cheeses, homemade pasta, mixed vegetables, meats like goat, boar, pig, Cannonau wine, sweet house).


But on occasions you would like the transfer service you will have to let me know how many people make up the group. It will be made a fast quote.


The hand luggage of each participant must not be large, and must not exceed 20 kg. EXTRA 50,00 €.

Discount for all those who have already taken part in trips or tours with me.



Are at your disposal for any clarification, who is seriously interested and motivated can contact me. And 'advisable to book in advance to try to organize as soon as possible all bookings for this tour in Ogliastra.

              Some photos of the places we go through:

Already feel the scent of Sardinia? Once you get here it will be even more intense !!! Word of Mic ..