The organization of the backpack

The organization of the backpack keeps up  with the maintenance of your bike, it is essential!


The rule is not to underestimate anything, because the phrase "if only I had brought ..." can often be avoided with a bit of experience or reading this trick carefully.


The backpack must be proportionate to the size of  the going out duration, neither too small nor too big, but the right size (10-15 liters of volume).


It is ssential-particularly in hot months- an  adequate water supply.


It cannot miss the phone, which allows us to call possible relief (118).


A microfiber band is  useful when the weather changes or to wear as soon as we take off the helmet and we have the sweaty head (pause).


You must always  insert in the backpack also a pump with both valves, cable ties/clips, a new inner tube/air chamber, a gearshift  fork for replacement, a multi-purpose key complete with accessories and a chain break with a whistle and a lighter.


  Finally, do not forget a first aid kit, protein bars,

dried fruit.



If you have put everything in your backpack, I can only wish you  good trip to everybody.