Sardinia Coast East

               from La Caletta in the Capo Carbonara

A trip by mountain bike that is worth addressing, unique, breathtaking scenery along the coast and inland. Starting from the coast near Siniscola, we will reach Villasimius, exactly in Capo Carbonara. I wait in Sardinia, the wild land made for you places.

                           Description of the journey:


The Tour Sardinia East Coast is a challenging trip average of 380 km with an elevation gain of 8430 m. The whole is divided into 5 days of pedaling.

With our bike, we start from the seaside resort of La Caletta. This is located in the Barony in a subregion of the historic North-Eastern Sardinia. His most important centers are Siniscola and Orosei. Right in the town of the latter, we cross the coastal forest Bidderosa, an oasis which extends for 860 hectares. E 'consists of a rich natural vegetation and a pine forest of Aleppo pine and domestic. In addition, all 'inside, are including the five bays of emerald sea and the white of fine sand, which will make you daydream. These wonders are only a small part of what you'll see in the first stage, which will end in Dorgali after climbing Mount Tuttavista, that will give us another postcard view.

The second stage starting from the farm in the municipality of Dorgali Didone, will project us towards another province of the island, Ogliastra. The so-called "island within an island", known for its beautiful beaches, but also to the mountains. One in particular is that of the Gennargentu, the highest of Sardinia, well 1,834 m of shale. This renowned Ogliastra, is also the Supramonte of Urzulei, with his throat Gorropu, the deepest in Europe. With our bike we will ride a short distance from it, reaching the town of Arzana thanks to different variations of your choice. Just to Arzana Hotel Murru, we expect a typical dinner and a deserved sleep.

The next day, after a 'hearty breakfast, we will prepare to face the third stage, some 60 km before reaching the town of Ulassai, where' Hotel Su Marmuri will end leaving us satisfied with our 2200m in altitude .. In this stage , cross the majestic monolith Lose Leana, who, thanks to some amusing single track of varying degrees of difficulty, we can admire on both sides. Another gem of this stage, will be the largest forest of oaks Monte Arbu where reigning again free Sardinian deer, the mouflon and fallow deer and Golden Eagles. Also a few km from Ulassai, but in the town of Osini, we stop for some shots in the ancient testimony of nuraghe nuragic Serbissi, built in the Middle Bronze era - Recent Bronze Age (1500-1100 BC). An integral part of the nuragic, but on the underside, the cove Serbissi, is a karst cave formed by erosion and dissolution of dolomite rocks Mesozoic Jurassic (150 million to 130 million years ago). It stretches for 206 m. at an altitude of 952 m. s.l.m. One can assume that this and other parts of the cave were warehouses for storage of food, resulting from pastoral activities, hunting and farming. The fourth stage will take us to ride in the Sarrabus sub-region to another beautiful island where we will spend the night in the great country of Muravera, in the quaint inn Su Pasiu.

The last stage however, end in Campidano, in 'extreme south-east of Cape Carbonara in the municipality of Villasimius. Cape Carbonara is a promontory 3.5 km long and 1.8 km wide, where there are several beaches, better if you visit during periods with few tourists. The promontory, along the island of Cavoli and the island Serpentara, part of the Marine Protected.

It will be a 5-day trip only: this just described is a fraction of what you'll be visiting! There will be many emotions, and for this there are no words. That little 'hard work is always rewarded!


                           You can book already now:

                                              From March 15 to April 20 2018

                                                  from 1 May to 14 May 2018

         from June 1 to  August 25 2018 /by September 10 2018 to 10 December 2018


                                     € 940.00 for person (minimum 4 persons)

Panoramic photo and van Michele Pinna for luggage transport.

What it is included in the registration fee of € 730.00 :


  • 4 Nights in Hotel / Farms in double / triple depending on the availability
  • Guide for the duration of the tour
  • 4 dinners with good food quality and abundant
  • Accompanying car and driver to transport luggage that you will find at the hotel at the end of stage
  • packed lunch (sandwich with jam + fruit)
  • Trophy adventure in Sardinia made by Michele Pinna (see photo below)
  • Cycle service
  • What is not included:
  • The night of the day before the tour
  • optional excursions
  • the night of the last day of the tour
  • transfers from the ports, airports, stations
  • drinks outside or not included on the tour and dinner
  • anything not mentioned in the program

If you choose to arrive the day before:

  • Free day, hotel accommodation, bike control; Dinner is not included.

                        Facilities where we will stay:

Dorgali: Agriturismo Didone

Arzana:  Hotel Murru

Ulassai:  Hotel Su Marmuri

Muravera: Locanda Su Pasiu


                                 Technical details:





1 Stage: La Caletta-Dorgali. 72 km.1400 m+

2 Stage: Dorgali-Arzana. 89 Km.2200 m+

3 Stage: Arzana-Ulassai. 60 Km.1849 m+ 

4 Stage: Ulassai-Muravera. 94 Km.1940 m+

5 Stage: Muravera-Capo Carbonara.

                68 km.1040 m+


This is a tour to cycle throughout the year. Sardinia is beautiful in all seasons, not just think about the summer months, I recommend often from October to November, a few years ago, also in December we are offering exceptional temperatures.




                                Obligatory Material :

  • Helmet
  • Glasses
  • Dropout change + 2 + tire inner tubes

                                It 'important to know:

If you choose to arrive the day before the tour, you will be given indications on where to stay, it's the same for the last day of the tour. Or if you want, I can include in the package, up to you (in which case the price increase).


I chose the Hotel are excellent, the food is quality. The half board (breakfast and dinner abundant, dinners are based on natural products Sardis, and can be starters of salami and cheese, homemade pasta, mixed vegetables, meats like goat, boar, pig, Cannonau wine, sweet house).


But on occasions you would like the transfer service you will have to let me know how many people make up the group. It will be made a fast quote.


On luggage of each participant must not be large, and must not exceed 20 kg. EXTRA 50.00 EURO.

Discount for those who have already participated in excursions or tour with me.



I am at your disposal for any clarification, who is seriously interested and motivated can contact me. And 'advisable to book in advance to try to organize as soon as possible all the reservations for this tour.

            Some photos of the places where we cycle: